How To Write Wedding Vows


Vows are very crucial and you should prepare prior to the wedding. You should take time together with your soul mate and prepare for your vows. You can either write them alone or with you lover. There are some major things that you should consider before writing your wedding vows. Below is a vivid explanation on how to write your wedding vows.

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Prepare to write you vows

By getting prepared, you should first clear with the officiant and inquire if they will allow you to write the vows alone. If the officiant is okay with that, you should go ahead. Secondly, you should agree as partners that you will write the vows to show your commitments to each other. Wrirting your vows will not be writing for everybody.

Take time and reflect on your soul mate

Once you have both agreed that you will write the vows, you should both take some time separately and think about your love. This will help you brain storm and think more about the character and lifestyle of your love. Once you have found something special about your love, you can trim them down and make them your vows. One way that you can reflect on your love is by making a vow date. You can discuss some walks of life during your love life and you can depict something on the story.


Make a vow plan

When making the vow plan, you should be together with your love. Discuss about the vows by looking on the word and time limit, the tone to be used, the structure of the vows and later decide on whether you will write them together or separately. After coming up with the conclusion, you should the decide on the due date of the vows. You can decide on one month before the wedding day.

Write your vows

You should brain storm on the things that make your love so special to you. It could be the beautiful smile, the nice eyes or anything else. Make a list of descriptive thing about your love that you want to include in the vows. You should emphasize on the good qualities of your love. Think on the times your live have been there for you and include them in the vows.

Mention your key memories

In your love life, there are some key memories that are worth remembering. Places you have visited together, the milestone of your relationship and many more. The moments can be inclusive in the vows. Do not forget writing this because they are situations worth being written down.

Wrote down the promises

The promises are the key thing in the vows. You should write all the promises that you want in your life. Some can be very serious such as apologizing when you are wrong, not going to bed when angry with each other. You can remember the traditional vows such as in sickness and in health and include them in the vows. You should not copy them directly but make your own way to make them unique.

Remember to be yourself

When writing the vows, you should be yourself. You can read poetry and view on the internet on the wedding vows. You should not copy directly but make up something on your own mind. Avoid using somebody else vow because you have different lifestyles. You should have a sense of humor in the vows.

Prepare to read the vows

Once you vow are done, you can do a rehearsal. If you have agreed to share the vows, you can ask the spouse what they think. You can also consult your parent or grandparents on the vows. If you get an approval, read them trough to make it easier when you are saying the vows to your partner.