How to avoid the most common CV mistakes

A CV is crucial in your life, and you should take great care when writing one. There are very many mistakes made by a person that makes them denied the job or something even worse happens. Unless you understand the mistakes, that’s when you can avoid them. In this case, we shall discuss some common mistakes that you should avoid when writing a CV. Some of the common mistakes common when writing a CV are:

Writing the heading

When writing the title, you should be very careful. There should be your name in bold and then follow it with your contact information and details. You should never include a photo on the CV unless the employers will tell you to do include. When writing the font size should be either 11 or twelve. When there are any mistakes highlighted you should spell check and remember to proofread it.

Avoid using same words repeatedly

Ensure that the word that you are using are not repeated from time to time. Avoid using the same word to describe the kind of accomplishments you have. Try and use different words and they will bring out the better part of you. The more words that you are using, the more skill you will show and display to the employers.

Including an email on your CV for contact

Using hilarious email addresses can be amusing. You should never use an email to expect the employer to contact you with your email. You should include your phone number when giving you personal contact. Ensure that the email you will give sounds professional. Avoid those hilarious emails. They will show how serious you are in your life.

Divide your CV into sections

Your email should never in block form. Divide it into sections to make it easier for the employer to read it. When the CV is divided, you will get a chance to describe yourself in a vivid way, and you can stand out from the large crowd that you may be applying for the job.

Make a consistent layout

You can set margins on the two sides evenly so as you can provide enough and good space between the headings. You can use verbs in the CV that are a consistent way. For example, if you are making a description of one of your past jobs and experiences. Ensure that the tense that you are using are in the past tense.

Write a professional profile

When writing, you should ensure that your profile will be short statements when starting with the CV. You should give an overview of the professional qualities and the key things.

Use bulleted points

Your employer will not have your time to read your long paragraphs that you have. Ensure that you include all you points in a bullet form. With the small bullets, your employee will capture the key information fats possible.

Write the cover letter

You should not hand in your CV without the cover letter. A cover letter will give an overview of the position that you are applying for, your personal skills and the qualifications that you have. The position that you are looking for should be included in the cover letter as well.

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