Frequently Asked Questions

What might be some of the benefits for an applicant in working with a consultant?

Help Getting Started
Help Bringing Your Project to Conclusion
Enhanced Confidence and Performance in the Interview Process

Why is the personal statement such a “big deal”?

It is usually the only self-generated, non-quantitative representation of you available to the admissions committees.
The committees attach great importance to it, as evidenced by the prevalence of this requirement.
It is one critical element of your application that is not a fait accompli (contrast this with your GPA); you still have control over its quality.
Typically it is very difficult for people to write about themselves.
When there is no interview—as is the case for law school candidates and some others—the essay is your sole opportunity, in effect, to make a case for yourself. When interviews are available, the personal statement(s) can play a role in determining if you are granted one.

Who are our visitors?

They are typically smart, serious, highly motivated applicants who recognize both the importance and difficulty of writing powerful, distinctive admission essays.
They are individuals who want to do everything necessary to produce personal statements likely to enhance their prospects for admission.
They come from both private and public universities. Some already have advanced degrees and significant work experience. Many have outstanding academic and/or professional credentials.
They include American applicants, as well as international candidates from Asia, Europe, the Middle East and elsewhere.