Most Common Wedding Vow Mistakes All Brides and Grooms Should Avoid

A wedding ceremony can’t be complete without the marriage vows. The vows at the wedding are a promise to each other and the witnesses gathered there that you would live together till eternity. When you make the vows publicly, you make them sweeter. You should make sure that you should not make any mistake when taking the vows. That’s the reason why we will put together these promises mistakes that you should avoid. These errors are:

Winging it

Winging it on your vows is the last thing you should think. At the moment of the vows, you will be very nervous, and you will end up forgetting the wedding vows. You can spare the winging thing on a Karaoke night but not a special day like your wedding. You should not spoil the fun because your mind will block and you will not remember anything.

Copying the vows

You should not copy someone else’s vows. You should not search for the wedding vows online. Those promises are significant to someone else but not you. You are running a risk of using someone else’s way of thinking and what they want is life. You should keep this in mind that that is your wedding, not others. If you need help, you can check on somebody’s vows but let them come from your heart.

Forgetting to bring a copy

If you memorize your vows, it is advisable you just have a copy of the vows. You can keep them in a vow book or somewhere else to remember the sweet words in future. You can also have your best man carry the ring and the vows for a reminder in case you forget a line. By the time you are at the wedding ceremony, you can have too much in mind and forget.

Forgetting to take a photo at the moment

Make sure you have a photo when you are reciting the vows. When reciting the vows is a moment that you would like to have in the film or a copy of a photo. The moment you are reciting the vows when the audience is silent is very crucial. You should keep it in records.

Guests can’t hear the vows

If your engagement is outdoors, you should have a microphone to make the sound audible by the audience. The audience is there to be the witnesses of the wedding. If they do not hear the vows, they will not be the witnesses. If you are indoors, you should be loud enough for the people to hear you.

Not making them personal enough

If you are the one writing your vows, you should make them own. You can write them in any style so long as they will reflect your personality. The vows can be short, sentimental, hilarious, witty and sweet however you want them to be. There is not the wrong or right way so long as they are personal. If you opt the funny way, you just do them your way. Something very crucial that you should include is when you met, what’s makes your soul mate unique and why you can’t wait to spend the whole life together and much more.

Being so serious

There are hiccups in many ceremonies, and if this happens in your wedding, you should just laugh it off. Don’t be so serious; you should make fun, and all will be smiling. Weddings with little hiccups are memorable, and there is nothing wrong.

Forgetting to keep the written vows

After the wedding, ensure that the promises are turned for safe keeping. You should not dispose of them. You can re-read them and remember them forever. You can keep them together with the marriage certificate.